Eagle Claw Fishing has a rich history that dates back over 90 years and began with two young fishermen in Denver, Colorado.

Our History

Fishing Made Simple
Fishhooks come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right hook for your style and species of fish can make a big difference in your day on the water. Read on to find out which hook may be right for you.
What hook is right for you?
Circle and Octopus Hooks
Scientifically proven to hook more fish, salt and freshwater Circle Hooks offer greater holding power, more hookups, and fewer drop-offs. They're also great for conservation. A wide gap and rounded shape provide increased retention.
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Worm Hooks
Engineered for use with today's endless selection of soft plastics, these hooks are sized for a wide variety of plastic baits. Among their many features is TroKar's innovative B.A.R.B. system which provides unsurpassed bait retention.
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