TKV2P - TKV2R Pro-V Octopus Hook

Eagle Claw Trokar features its patented surgically sharpened technology™ in the versatile lineup of TK2 Octopus hooks, the Pro-V edition featured here available mid-Summer 2019. The addition gives anglers a premium alternative to the still high-end Lazer Sharp® L2 needlepoint Octopus Hook series, with the highly desirable Pro-V bend. The TK2V is enhanced with the Pro-V bend and the patented Trokar point which is designed, engineered and tested in the United States using American Steel. The Trokar point and overall design produce a hook requiring half the pressure of the leading competition for hookset.

The extremely sharp Trokar point and twenty-two degree offset work together to help ensure higher hook up ratios. In addition, the Pro-V bend featured in the TK2V offers anglers an additional profile option for when varied presentation is important, and has the added benefit of creating a pocket in the hook throat that holds live bait in place. The Pro-V bend also increases holding power after hook set hook by funneling the fish to the deepest point on the hook throat and keeping it there, and is stronger than similar round bend hooks.

Additional available options of the TK2 Family include Medium Wire and Heavy Wire options. Each version of the series is available in Platinum Black or Fresh Red finishes.

Pro-V Octopus Hook
TKV2P - TKV2R Pro-V Octopus Hook
TKV2P - TKV2R Pro-V Octopus Hook
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Product Specs
Multi-speciesFreshwater & Saltwater
More Information
species Multi-species
Water Type Freshwater & Saltwater
barb Barbed
Eye Configuration Up
Gap Regular
Forged Shank Yes
Package Pack Trokar Hooks
Hook Type Octopus
Hook Point Trokar
Keeper No Keeper
Offset Offset
Point Style Curved
Shank Length Long
Slices No Slices
Wire Medium
Shape of Bend Pro-V
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