Wesley Strader


Wesley grew up as a self-proclaimed “country boy,” as a third generation outdoorsman, he picked up a lot of knowledge of the wilderness from his own family. He wasn’t exactly hooked on bass fishing right away, just fishing in general, hunting, and the outdoors. When he was 12, his father bought a 14’ jon boat and told Wesley that he could fish the cove of their local lake, as long as he wore his life jacket. The boat didn’t have a motor, so they had to paddle everywhere they wanted to go. Strader claims that the restrictions of the cove taught him to pay attention the details of fishing. Later on, Wesley’s father bought a bass boat so the family could all fish together.

 Eventually Strader started fishing local bass tournaments in the new boat leading to his current success. In only 36 Bassmaster Tournament appearances, Strader has finished as champion in 3, including back to back wins in 2018 at the Bassmaster Elite on Kentucky Lake immediately followed by an Open win at Lake Norman. His success rate is unprecedented and he is an angler to watch going into every tournament he is in.

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