Lazer Sharp

Eagle Claw Fishing has a rich history that dates back over 90 years and began with two young fishermen in Denver, Colorado.

Our History

What Fishhook Is Right For You?
Fishhooks come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right hook for your style and species of fish can make a big difference in your day on the water. Read on to find out which hook may be right for you.
Fishing Made Simple
Lazer Sharp Baitholder
Crafted for the serious bait fisherman, Lazer Sharp Baitholders are made with multiple slices on the hook's shank in order to hold the bait on the hook more effectively. Especially useful when casting and for preventing "stolen" baits.
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Lazer Sharp Saltwater Hooks
Designed to withstand the abuses of a harsh saltwater environment and big-game fishing, Lazer Sharp Saltwater Hooks are noted for their strength and durability. Plated with corrosion-resistant finishes, these hooks are heat-treated for strength.
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