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New In 2016


Announcing the the 333 Live Minnow/Perch Snell - This hook is designed specifically for fishing with live minnows while targeting perch. This hook comes pre-tied with 6 lb. line and a snell knot, giving anglers a reliable and secure line, and the ability get out on the water sooner.
This hook is designed to keep angler’s minnows alive and swimming while underwater to attract perch. Created on a lighter, thinner wire, this hook is perfect for setting a hook in smaller mouth fish.

Live Minnow/Perch Snell Features:

  • Pre-rigged snell
  • Bronze finish
  • Lighter, thinner wire
  • Plain shank to keep minnow alive
  • Non-offset point
  • Up eye
  • Available in sizes 4, 2, 1, and 1/0