Vintage Rods


Trailmaster – 1960

Introduced in 1960, the Trailmaster rod has been a go-to for the traveling angler ever since. The Trailmaster rod was branded under Wright & McGill for five years until switching over to the Eagle Claw brand in 1965. Through the years the Trailmaster rod has come in different styles and lengths including; casting, spinning, fly, and universal. The rods would be created in 4, 6, and 8 pieces to insure that are easy to pack. To insure the safety of the rods, the Trailmaster has been packed in different tubes including aluminum tubes, Vista Packs, Leatherette carrying cases, and even traveling briefcases.  All Eagle Claw Trailmasters are unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the rod.


Featherlight -1960

The Featherlight is one of the most recognizable Eagle Claw rods. The first Featherlight rod was introduced in 1960 under the Wright & McGill brand. The first Feather Light was a 6’6” two-piece spinning rod and sold for $14.95. From 1960 on the Featherlight would be designed for the person who wants to have more fun fishing. Their extreme light weight and sensitivity is a challenge to the expert and the beginner alike. They are made firm high density glass for extra strength and have a bonded finish for lasting beauty. The Featherlight rods have had a consistent cosmetic look throughout the years that includes yellow nylon wrap with brown and gold mylar trim.


Sweetheart- 1952

This series of rods that was introduced in 1952 live up to their name of Sweetheart.  Built by Granger craftsmen with over 40 year of experience in building fine rods. Light tip actions with power to land the gamest of fish. A fine, beautiful rod, with top quality throughout. The Sweetheart series would include tubular glass fly rods, spinning rods, and casting rods. The Sweetheart models would be recognizeable from the sun gold glass and winds of gold nylon with black trim. The Sweetheart would stay in the line of Eagle Claw rods until 1998 when they did not show up in the catalog.


Denco – 1957

In 1957 the first Denco rod was introduced to the world.  Made from quality glass, Denco fast-tip action rods had excellent power and balance. These rods were built for quality at a low-end price. The original Denco rods were made of golden brown glass, red nylon wraps. In the early sixties these rods would change to feature Green nylon wrapping and gold mylar trim. Then once again in 1970 the rods would return to have red nylon wraps. The original Denco rod was then replaced in 1978 by the Denco Super II which could be recognized by the red nylon wrapping with gold trim. There would be two more series of Denco which included the Denco Super 4 and the Denco Graphite rod. The last of the Denco series was seen in the 1983 catalog.


Granger - 1932

The Granger rod has roots before Wright & McGill started selling them in the early 1930s. The first Granger rods to be sold were fly rods in many different styles including: Registered, Premier, De Luxe, Favorite, Aristocrat, Special, Victory, Stream & Lake. These rods were the finest split Tonkin cane rods possible and they continued to be produced through the 1950s. In the early 1960s the Granger would transform into a line of rods branding strictly as Granger. These new rods had a wider range of use including: casting, spinning, fly, drifting, and an assortment of salt water rods. The Granger brand would continue to hold up its standard and create many different styles of rods. Today there are still Granger rods in the line of Eagle Claw.


Powerlight – 1968

The first power light was introduced in the 1968 catalog. The Powerlight rods are extra light in weight with power to handle heavy fish. They are power balanced with a thrilling action and touch for special sensitivity to suit varying fishing conditions. The powerlight rod has proved its effectiveness and is still in our catalog today.


Pack-It – 1970

The Pack It series was introduced in 1970, these 4-piece rods are the economy series of pack-in models. The first series would be available in 4 models; spin casting, spinning, fly fishing, or the versatile Universal spinning/fly combination rod. Later models would include the telescopic rod which is still popular today.

Eagle Claw Packit rods are carefully made with the finest materials and the most exacting workmanship. When you have fishing in mind, take along a Packit in your choice of models. Fit it with the appropriate Eagle claw reel and you have a great outfit for trail travel.

Brown nylon wraps (1970)  


Deluxe – 1948

1948 there were two series of the Deluxe rods: the Granger Deluxe fly rod and Wright & McGill Deluxe Casting rod both made from Tonkin Cane. During the mid 1950s the Deluxe rod series was not in the Catalogs. In 1959 the Deluxe would return to the catalog. The rod would last for another 18 years until discontinued in 1977.


Aristocrat – 1948

In 1948 Granger Aristocrat fly rod was introduced; tan silk wrapping with dark brown border. This year also included the Wright & McGill Aristocrat Casting rod made from Tonkin Cane.  These rods would be featured in the catalogs for the next four years until 1952. The Aristocrat was not in the line of rods between 1952 and 1964. The Aristocrat would return in all of its glamour in 1965 featuring gold under-wrap under gold mylar with brown nylon over-wrap, this series of rod would last for the next seven years until 1972.


Favorite – 1948

1948 Granger Favorite Fly Rod, wrapping of jasper and gold borders

Early 50s create a Favorite sold glass casting rods featuring red nylon wrappings.

1977 last year in the catalog.


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