Vintage Reels


Vintage Reels

 In 1951, the Wright & McGill Co. acquired national rights to sell Fre-Line® all purpose spinning reels. Over a twelve-year period, the Wright & McGill Co. would offer customers an impressive line of spinning and spin-casting reels. By 1955, the Wright & McGill Co. purchased the patents, tooling and trademarks for the Fre-Line® reels. It was during this time that, in addition to Fre-Line®, Wright & McGill began to manufacture their own line of spinning and spin-casting reels. This new addition would be called the Stream & Lake™ series.  These reels would develop into two styles; Model no. 88 which was the spin-casting, the 7L-SL and 7R-SL were spinning reels.

There would be eleven different models by 1965 when the company began branding all items under the Eagle Claw name. This year included the first Automatic Fly Reels in the ECB and EFC models. The 7L, 7R, 88A, 88SS, and model would replace the old Lake & Stream reels with Eagle Claw reels.

During 1970, Eagle Claw would have many improvements and introductions to the reel category. The model no. 88 would be replaced by the EC88B. Eagle Claw would introduce the Mediterranean, EC7, and EC8 models during this year.  Later in the 1970’s, Eagle Claw would introduce the Blue Pacific Series including: spinning, spin-casting, and trolling reels. These would continue until the 1980’s when the whole reel category would see drastic changes.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, Eagle Claw would go through many different reel models. Some of the most popular reels during this time period include: Gray Eagle, Double Eagle, Black Eagle, Gold Eagle, Imperial Eagle, and Granger. These reels had many different purposes from light tackle to ocean fishing.


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