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The Wright & McGill Company had sold three different models of Tonkin Cane Rods as early as 1932. The rods were not built by the Wright & McGill Co., but by the Granger Rod Company and did not appear in the 1933 catalog. It would be another 15 years before the Wright & McGill Co. would establish a rod line of their own. 

In May of 1947 The Wright & McGill Co. created another subsidiary, Wright & McGill Rod Co. In this year the Granger Rod Co. would lease all personal property including machinery, tools, furniture, and equipment to the Wright & McGill Co. The new Granger rods first appeared in the 1947 catalog. On April 1, 1948 the Wright & McGill Co. filed articles of incorporation. From then on, the Wright & McGill Co. created dozens of different series of rods under the Wright & McGill Brand.

1965 was the year in which the Wright & McGill Co. started to brand all of the rods as Eagle Claw. In this year each of these rods would include the Eagle Claw shield on the handle along with “Wright & McGill Co.” above the part number. This year would include many of your favorite Eagle Claw rods series you have come to love including: Trailmaster, Denco, Favorite, Deluxe, Sweetheart, Featherlight, and Granger.

Today, The Eagle Claw brand continues to provide angelers with tried and true rods including: Trailmaster, Featherlight, Powerlight, Brave Eagle, Water Eagle, and Starfire. In recent years the Wright & McGill Co has released a full line of pro series rods featuring some of the top names in the fishing world. Skeet Reese, Captain Blair Wiggins, Trevor Storlie, Rick Clunn and Tony Roach have collaborated with us to create some of the most technical rods on the market. 

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