Cut, slice, fillet, hone, remove, grip, clip, hold, guide, sharpen, assist, thread, shuck, bait, clean and float!  All with the tools found within.

Brandsort ascending Part Number Product Size Finish
Lazer Sharp LTHKRMRL Easy Reach Hook Remover 10-3/4" Polished
Lazer Sharp TLBNT-6 Lazer Tools Bent Nose Pliers 6" Titanium Gold
Lazer Sharp TLLNB-6, 8 Lazer Tools Long Nose Pliers 6" and 8" Black Nickel
Lazer Sharp TLLNT-8 Lazer Tools Long Nose Pliers 8" Titanium Gold
Lazer Sharp TLHD-7.5 Lazer Tools Heavy Duty Saltwater Pliers 7.5" Titanium Gold
Lazer Sharp TFLDSCISSOR Folding Scissors Polished
Lazer Sharp TLSRP Lazer Tools Split Ring Pliers W/ Braid Cutter 5 1/4" Stainless Steel
Lazer Sharp TLSTSNP6 Lazer Tools Needle Pliers W/ Braid Cutter 6" Stainless Steel
Lazer Sharp TLWDFORCEP Premium Wide Grip Forcep 5-3/4" Polished
Lazer Sharp TLBRDSCISSOR Premium Braided Line Scissor 5" Polished
Lazer Sharp SWREEFKIT Saltwater Reef Kit
Lazer Sharp TLDKP Lazer Tools Dark Knight Pliers 6-1/2'' Black Nickel
Lazer Sharp TPMT Pliers With Built-In Multi-Tool and Flashlight 4-1/4" Blue
Lazer Sharp LTHKRMR Easy Reach Hook Remover 7" Polished
Eagle Claw 03050-001 Bait Knife w/ Stainless Steel Blade 3-3/8" Stainless Steel
Eagle Claw 03050-002 Wood Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath and Stainless Steel Blade 6"
Eagle Claw 03050-004 Wood Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath and Stainless Steel Blade 4"
Eagle Claw 03050-005 Soft Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath and Stainless Steel Blade 4"w/ Sheath
Eagle Claw ECK6 Soft Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath, Sharpener and Stainless Steel Blade 6-1/4" w/ Sheath and sharpener
Eagle Claw 03050-006 Oyster Knife 3-3/4"
Eagle Claw KOYSTW Oyster Knife 3"
Eagle Claw ABCG Bait Cutting Guide
Eagle Claw AWT Worm Threader Floating 6"
Eagle Claw BN Baiting Needle 2.5", 3.5", 4.5"
Eagle Claw TECBN-6 Bent Nose Pliers Micro-Finish 6"
Eagle Claw ACLUB Fish Billy Club
Eagle Claw TSPOOL-1 Line Spooling Assistant
Eagle Claw TECBN-8 Bent Nose Pliers Micro-Finish 8"
Eagle Claw TACCKIT-1 Jig Eye Cleaner and Line Clipper
Eagle Claw TECLN-6 Long Nose Pliers Micro-Finish 6"


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