Cut, slice, fillet, hone, remove, grip, clip, hold, guide, sharpen, assist, thread, shuck, bait, clean and float!  All with the tools found within.

Brandsort ascending Part Number Product Size Finish
Lazer Sharp TPMT Pliers With Built-In Multi-Tool and Flashlight 4-1/4" Blue
Lazer Sharp LTHKRMR Easy Reach Hook Remover 7" Polished
Lazer Sharp LTHKRMRL Easy Reach Hook Remover 10-3/4" Polished
Lazer Sharp TLBNT-6 Lazer Tools Bent Nose Pliers 6" Titanium Gold
Lazer Sharp TLLNB-6, 8 Lazer Tools Long Nose Pliers 6" and 8" Black Nickel
Lazer Sharp TLLNT-8 Lazer Tools Long Nose Pliers 8" Titanium Gold
Lazer Sharp TLHD-7.5 Lazer Tools Heavy Duty Saltwater Pliers 7.5" Titanium Gold
Lazer Sharp TFLDSCISSOR Folding Scissors Polished
Lazer Sharp TLSRP Lazer Tools Split Ring Pliers W/ Braid Cutter 5 1/4" Stainless Steel
Lazer Sharp TLSTSNP6 Lazer Tools Needle Pliers W/ Braid Cutter 6" Stainless Steel
Lazer Sharp TLWDFORCEP Premium Wide Grip Forcep 5-3/4" Polished
Lazer Sharp TLBRDSCISSOR Premium Braided Line Scissor 5" Polished
Lazer Sharp SWREEFKIT Saltwater Reef Kit
Lazer Sharp TLDKP Lazer Tools Dark Knight Pliers 6-1/2'' Black Nickel
Eagle Claw THRPSS6.5 Pistol Grip Hook Remover 6-1/2" Stainless Steel
Eagle Claw THRPSS9.5 Pistol Grip Hook Remover 9-1/2" Stainless Steel
Eagle Claw 03050-001 Bait Knife w/ Stainless Steel Blade 3-3/8" Stainless Steel
Eagle Claw 03050-002 Wood Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath and Stainless Steel Blade 6"
Eagle Claw 03050-004 Wood Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath and Stainless Steel Blade 4"
Eagle Claw 03050-005 Soft Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath and Stainless Steel Blade 4"w/ Sheath
Eagle Claw ECK6 Soft Handle Fillet Knife w/ Sheath, Sharpener and Stainless Steel Blade 6-1/4" w/ Sheath and sharpener
Eagle Claw 03050-006 Oyster Knife 3-3/4"
Eagle Claw KOYSTW Oyster Knife 3"
Eagle Claw ABCG Bait Cutting Guide
Eagle Claw AWT Worm Threader Floating 6"
Eagle Claw BN Baiting Needle 2.5", 3.5", 4.5"
Eagle Claw ACLUB Fish Billy Club
Eagle Claw TECBN-6 Bent Nose Pliers Micro-Finish 6"
Eagle Claw TSPOOL-1 Line Spooling Assistant
Eagle Claw TECBN-8 Bent Nose Pliers Micro-Finish 8"


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