Saltwater Accessories

Dreaming of yourself in an episode of Deadliest Catch?  Start your journey here with Crab Traps, Crab Tongs, Crab Pot Floats and more!

Brandsort descending Part Number Product Size
Eagle Claw 10160-006 Crab Tongs
Eagle Claw 10160-007 Four Arm Crab Ring Harness
Eagle Claw 10160-009 Clam Net 9" x 21"
Eagle Claw 10160-011 Crab Trap Bait Cage
Eagle Claw 10160-012 Crab Trap Line Weight 12 oz. Lead
Eagle Claw 10160-013 Crab Trap Gates 11" x 5"
Eagle Claw 10160-014 Weighted Crab Trap Gates
Eagle Claw CTRAPSNR Crab Snare
Eagle Claw 10160-015 Shellfish & Crab Gauge
Eagle Claw 10161-002 Weighted 25' Crab Line 25'
Eagle Claw 10161-007 Crab Bait Holder
Eagle Claw 10161-009 Two Ringed Wire Mesh Crab Net 8'' x 18''
Eagle Claw 10161-048 Crab Trap & Chum Pot Line 48''
Eagle Claw CBTBAG Crab Trap Bait Bag
Eagle Claw CBTCGSM Crab Trap Bait Cage
Eagle Claw 04200-001 Spreader Bar Long Arm 12" Short Arm 6"
Eagle Claw NCRABLG West Coast Crab Net 32" x 17"
Eagle Claw 04200-002 Spreader Bar Long Arm 20" Short Arm 8"
Eagle Claw CBTPIN Crab Trap Bait Pin
Eagle Claw ASPDTRLR Trolling Spreader w/ Ringed Eye 3
Eagle Claw 04210-001 Super Spreader w/ Tennis Cord 11"
Eagle Claw 04210-003 Umbrella Frame 18"
Eagle Claw 04220-002 Clam Rake 10" Basket
Eagle Claw 04220-003 1 Quart Chum Pot 5" x 8 1/2"
Eagle Claw 04230-001 6" Wide Clam Rake Round Tine
Eagle Claw 04230-002 6" Wide Clam Rake Flat Tine
Eagle Claw 04240-001 4 Prong Ipswitch Style Digger
Eagle Claw 10060-001 Double Ring Crab Net 11" x 18"
Eagle Claw 10060-002 Bulk Double Ring Crab Net 11" x 18"
Eagle Claw 10060-003 Double Ring Pier and Bridge Set 32" x 17"


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