Scales and tackle boxes, fishing bells and rod holders are all patiently waiting their turn on your favorite lake!  Do your deed and set them free....

Brand Part Numbersort descending Product Size Color
Eagle Claw 11051-001 Wire Fish Basket Jumbo 19" x 30"
Eagle Claw 11051-002 Floating Wire Fish Basket Jumbo 19" x 30"
Eagle Claw 11052-001 Wire Fish Basket Medium 13" x 18"
Eagle Claw 11052-002 Floating Wire Fish Basket Medium 13" x 18"
Eagle Claw A8BEAD20R Red Beads 8mm Red
Eagle Claw AABRH Clamp-On Aluminum Boat Rod Holder
Eagle Claw ABEAD40G Green Bead Assortment 6mm, 8mm Green
Eagle Claw ABEAD40R Red Bead Assortment 6mm, 8mm Red
Eagle Claw ABEADDP120 Bead Dial Pack Assortment VARIETY Red; Green
Eagle Claw ABRH3PC Rod Holder w/ 3 Adaptors
Eagle Claw ACPLUGP Plastic Casting Plugs 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. Plastic
Eagle Claw ACRH Wire Coil Rod Holder Small, Medium, Large
Eagle Claw ACRLJ Canvas Creel Jumbo
Eagle Claw ADSTMLED88 88 lb. Digital Scale w/ 32" Tape Measure and LED Light 7" x 1 1/2"
Eagle Claw AFBJ Stainless Fishing Bell
Eagle Claw AFBLIB Strike Alert Fishing Bell
Eagle Claw AFISH Fish Spear Tines: 4,5,5 Jumbo
Eagle Claw AFLHZ Fishing License Holder Closure: Zip
Eagle Claw AFROG Frog Spear Tines: 4,5
Eagle Claw ALCB Braided Line Cutter
Eagle Claw AMDB Dumbbell Marker Buoy
Eagle Claw ARCPLUG-14 Rubber Casting Plugs 1/4 oz.
Eagle Claw ARHBKT Bucket Rod Holder
Eagle Claw ASCLPKT8 Fisherman's Tape Measure & Scale 24" Tape
Eagle Claw ASCLSPG50 Spring Scale
Eagle Claw ASTRH Extendable Rod Holder 12" to 30"
Eagle Claw ASTVCH-9 9-Snap Vinyl Coated Chain Stringer 46"
Eagle Claw AWBCM Clamp-On Wire Fish Basket 14" x 25"
Eagle Claw BTAEC Rod Tip Repair Kit Black
Eagle Claw FLHEC Fishing License Holder Closure: Flap


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