Fish like to hang out where there’s more than just the flat lake bottom.  Look where there are drop-offs, near weedbeds and around underwater “structure” like ridges, stumps, rockpiles and other places that offer protection and a good food supply.  Other "hot spots" include lily pads, catttails and other weedy areas; around docks, logs, flooded trees, bushes and old creek beds on the bottom.

It’s generally better to fish within casting distance of shore.  There is more cover near the shore and that’s what attracts the fish.



Look for what is called “cover” or hiding places.  These include areas near overhanging branches, around logs and big rocks, in deep pools.  Generally early in the morning and in the evening, fish will move out of their hiding places and feed on insects, but remember to always look for “cover” when you approach a stream.  Move to the bank very slowly and keep your profile low.  Keep in mind that the fish will most always be facing upstream, so approaching them from behind(downstream) is best.


Where To Fish



BASIC RIGGING TECHNIQUES  Slip Rig (for bottom-fishing) and the Float Rig (for variable-depths fishing).

 Slip Rig

BASS RIGGING  (Bait Rig, Carolina Rig, Slip Rig, Texas Rig, Dropper Rig)

 Bass Rigging

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