Striped Bass

Striped Bass
(Illustration © Diane Rome Peebles)

Identification & Features

Striped Bass get their name because this silvery fish has 7 or 8 black horizontal stripes along their body. They have two distinct dorsal fins and a large mouth with a protruding lower jaw. Habitat The largest populations of Stripers are found in the North Eastern United States from New England to North Carolina, where there is an estimated 40 million fish. However, in the 1890’s, Stripers were collected in the Navesink River and were shipped to California. They can now be found in the coastal waters of the West Coast, north to the Canadian border. Stripers have also been successfully introduced to many freshwater lakes around the United States.


Spawning occurs in April, May and early June in the Northeast. The female drops her eggs, which are then fertilized by the male. They drift downstream and, in 2 or 3 days, hatch into larvae and feed on microscopic zooplankton as they arrive in the nursery areas where they mature and live from 2 to 4 years until they make their way to the Ocean. A mature, 7-pound female can produce up to 500,000 eggs while a 17-year-old, 50 pound female can produce as many as 3 million eggs.


Adult Striped Bass are carnivores and feed on progressively larger prey as they grow. They will attack schools of herring or shad and can be seen rolling on the surface in the surf as they feed. They may also feed on marine worms and crustaceans.


Stripers in the 25-30 pound range are common. Angling Tips Most popular techniques include using natural bait such as herring or shad, large hard baits that imitate natural bait fish and fly-fishing with large flies and sinking lines. Whichever method you select, be sure your equipment is in good condition and you are prepared for battle with a fish that could weigh over 50 pounds.

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