Identification & Features

 The North American freshwater Catfish (which include Bullhead, Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Flathead Catfish, just to name a few) have scaleless skins and a stiff, sharp spine at the leading edge of the dorsal fin and pectoral fins. Just in front of the tail, on the dorsal surface, is a fleshy adipose fin. They also have whisker-like sensory barbels on the upper and lower jaws that help them locate food. The head and mouth are generally broad and the eyes small.


Most Catfish live in sluggish streams or in the quiet waters of reservoirs, lakes and ponds. They are bottom feeders, taking both live and dead foods. They are typically active at night and on dark, overcast days or in murky water.


Occurs in the spring or early summer when the water temperature is between 70-75 F. Nests are constructed by one or both parents — usually among crevices and holes under logs and trees or in undercut banks. Secluded and dark places are preferred.


Catfish are not finicky about what they eat. They are first attracted by food odor and will accept almost anything offered for bait …the more foul-smelling, the better! Size Typically, Catfish will grow to the size allowed by the available food source in their environment. Most commonly caught Bullhead and Channel Catfish weigh from 1-7 pounds; the Blue Catfish and Flathead species have been recorded at over 100 pounds.

Angling Tips

Due to their bottom-hugging nature, still fishing and drift fishing are the general methods of Catfishing. Fresh bait is usually more productive. Most commonly used baits include cut baits (pieces of dead fish), live baits (crayfish, nightcrawlers, and minnows), prepared bait (dips, pastes, and stinkbaits), and even chicken livers and cheese.

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