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At Eagle Claw we believe our commitment to the environment is an investment in our collective futures. Through the introduction of innovative products, we’re able to manufacture items that help us meet our present needs while preserving the planet for those who come after us.

Our Goal: A brighter future for our customers, our employees, and our neighbors

 Tin, Steel and Tungsten  Weights

Eagle Claw supplies weight and sinker options in metals other then lead in over a dozen different styles, allowing any angler to make an environmentally friendly choice.

 Circle Hooks

As the industry standard at Billfishing events, Lazer Sharp circle hooks are engineered specifically to reduce mortality in Sailfish, Marlin, Striped Bass and Salmon.

 Barbless Hooks

With millions of barbless Eagle Claw hooks sold annually, we’re the world’s largest producer of barbless hooks, allowing anglers to easily release their catch unharmed.

 Saltwater Reef Kit

With the Lazer Sharp Saltwater Reef Kit, anglers have the tools needed to release saltwater fish quickly and easily.  Adding certified approved, non-offset circle hooks is one more way we help to educate anglers on the correct techniques to help conserve our precious fishing resources.

 Packaging Efficiencies

Reduction in packaging size and the use of “green” packaging materials has and continues to be a driving force in all our packaging goals. In the last three years our packaging improvement initiatives have allowed us to reduce the size of our hook packaging by over 20%.  We have moved to 40% post consumer recycled materials in all our clam packaging and implemented computerized case and carton space evaluation programs to help reduce fuel needs in shipping and master pack cardboard consumption.

Conservation is part of our Heritage fish green logo

 Eagle Claw’s commitment to sustainability means better quality, higher value products made in ways that preserve our natural resources and reduce production costs. From environmental building design to resource-conserving manufacturing, we work in harmony with our Rocky Mountain Environments. Every day our manufacturing processes demonstrate our pledge to incorporate sustainability and environmental stewardship in everything we do. Production methods economize energy use and provide better quality products.


 All scrap materials from our hook manufacturing processes are collected and recycled for use in other materials. Any hooks found to not to meet our stringent quality testing procedures are immediately redirected and used for other products or sold for use in other fishing applications.

In order to provide recycling services for a wider variety of materials, we now have a single stream recycling program in place. Single stream recycling allows all acceptable materials to be accumulated together without sorting. Products recycled by our facility include scrap metal, cardboard, office paper, wooden pallets, batteries, light bulbs fluorescent light ballasts, used oil and electronic devices. In 2010 - 2011 we started a 100% cardboard reclamation program, creating a single reprocessing stream for this reusable resource.

 Clean Water Initiative

Our Company manufactures our fishhooks in Denver, Colorado where water is used in several of our manufacturing processes. We treat all of our spent water on site, returning it back to the environment while exceeding recommended Federal EPA requirements.  Eagle Claw has been honored six times with the Rocky Mountain Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Gold Award for a perfect record of compliance in water discharge.

 Water Conservation

Over the last five years the Denver manufacturing division has reduced overall water consumption by over 35%, resulting in an annual savings of over 9.7 million gallons. Process water usage has been tracked for over twenty years in a continuing effort to increase efficiency and reduce waste. An additional 25% reduction in process water consumption is expected by 2016.


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