Go Fish!

Go Fish!

Get out on the water and wet a line! This is your one-stop shop for all the knowledge you’ll need for a successful outing on the water.  Here you’ll find information on fish species, knots, video tips, Eagle Claw’s blog, Eagle Claw & Lazer Sharp pro-staff and sponsored guides, as well as information on promotions Eagle Claw participates in throughout the year.


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Fish Species
Get the facts about where to start
when targeting a new species
you are unfamiliar with.

Easy learning illustrations for tying
standard knots.

Eagle Claw is involved in a wide
variety of events from freshwater to
saltwater throughout the United
States and Canada. These consist of
national tournaments all the way
down to locally sponsored kids
fishing derbies.

Fishing Guides
Chosen for their knowledge and
expertise in a variety of fishing
techniques, we rely on their
feedback to bring the best
products to the marketplace.





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