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Lance Lynch

Do you know this man?




Believe it or Not! The man on the famous Eagle Claw snelled hook package is a real person long associated with the Wright & McGill Co.

Fishing New Places


Do you ever find yourself going back to the same fishing spot over and over again? Sometime I feel it’s hard to break away from the tried-and-true fishing areas. But,  when you do, it can really pay off. This past weekend I decided to try a new area that I have never fished before. After some time struggling to figure out how to catch the fish, I ended up having one of my best days on the water.


Lance Lynch





Steelhead size plug produces epic fight with trophy king salmon



By Andy Martin

Two hours into the fight with a massive Chetco River king, Brian Renner let out a sigh and disappointedly said “He just got off.”

His line was slack, and for the first time since he hooked what would turn out to be a trophy 54-pound salmon, the light steelhead plug rod he was using wasn’t doubled over.

Young angler catches a steelhead worthy of legend status


Young angler catches a steelhead worthy of legend status


By Andy Martin

Emma Winter’s first steelhead is more than the fish of a lifetime. Aside from being one of the biggest fish of the season in 2013 on Southern Oregon’s Chetco River, the trophy steelhead produced the heartbreak, and for Emma, the triumph, that draw anglers to Northwest streams each winter.

ICAST 2013: Steelhead Floats


DENVER, COLORADO – Eagle Claw is very excited to introduce its complete product family of steelhead floats into its already expansive float program.   Float fishing is a popular technique for anglers fishing for steelhead in rivers and streams across the northern regions of the United States.  The new steelhead program by Eagle Claw offers floats in numerous styles, colors, and material choices to meet an angler’s specific needs.


ICAST 2013: Lazer Carolina Brass Products


Lazer Carolina Brass Products


DENVER, COLORADO – Lazer is proud to introduce a new line of brass sinkers, Carolina Ready Rigs, brass assortments, and glass bead assortments to its growing line of terminal products. 



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