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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Eagle Claw

On Friday August 12, 2011, my son (Mike Fry, 14 years old), my husband, and I went fishing on the Ohio River Bank near Dilles Bottom Ohio. My husband left one pole to re-bait another. My son yelled “Dad! You have a bite!” My husband told him to grab it, and reel it in. My son picked up the pole, which was strung with 8 lb test Eagle Claw line, set the hook, and thought he got a snag. My husband took the pole. It wasn’t a snag. He had hooked a fish, and the fish started running the drag. He handed the pole back to my son. After a grueling battle, he landed a 37″ 23# Channel Catfish.

I just wanted to commend your products. I have used Eagle Claw products for most of my life. I have never been lucky enough to land a fish this big. However, this is my son’s second large catch using Eagle Claw products. Several years ago, he caught a 30″ 15# Freshwater Drum out of the Ohio River. Eagle Claw products have always prevailed.

Thank you
Theresa Richards

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