With Papa's Fishing Pole

Monday, September 17, 2012

In 1988 or 89 I lost the tip to my 6 piece backpacking pole and I sent you a letter asking to buy another tip.  You told me that that model was no longer available.  You said that I could have a replacement for free or I could pay some small fee for an upgrade to the executive model.  Having a young family with 4 small children I told you, Thank You but that I could not afford it.  You sent me the upgrade.  No matter where I go and what other poles I take with me that pole comes along.  This past Labor day weekend I took my family to Mammoth Lakes, ca.  My 2 year grandson Steele really wanted to go fishing.  Here is a picture of him with that fishing pole that you sent me all of those years ago.  I call the picture " With Papa's fishing pole".  He did catch his first trout on this trip,  Sorry it wasn't with that pole. Thank You for the pole and this picture makes for a great memory.  -- Brand Kahler

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