New Record Salmon at Lake Champlain

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Eagle Claw


So it’s true: a chick caught the record breaking salmon at Lake Champlain over Father’s Day Weekend at the LCI tournament! It was awesome to say the least. Effie Mayhew had spent the better part of the tournament driving the boat so the boys could fish. They already were having a great weekend and lots of fish were caught. She did manage to sneak in a catch on Saturday, a nice 20.5 inch steelhead, but for the most part Effie just sat back and found the fish for the boys. Monday, her boyfriend Jeremy caught a really nice 25″, 5.18 lb. salmon that was weighed in.


While at the weigh station she asked one of the other women that were volunteering what the “lady LCI prize” was all about. So the volunteer explained that the woman that weighs in the largest fish in each category would get some sort of spa package. Effie immediately said, “Sweet, I’ll be back!” Well, little did she know that she would be back in less then an hour to weigh in this monster salmon and break the LCI record.


They left the weigh station and hit the water again, with Effie diligently behind the wheel. Rods in the water, Effie knew this was her shot. She was still driving, and about five minutes went by before things got crazy! She saw the pole release from the downrigger, jumped up and grabbed the rod. She really had no idea how long she fought the fish but it seemed like forever to her. The beast broke water and excitement lingered in the air. At that point they knew they had to land this fish because it was BIG! It took some work to get it to the side of the boat and Jeremy was ready with the net, however the salmon wasn’t done fighting. Every time he got that net any where near this fish it dove straight down. This happened at least four or five times before Jeremy ended up having to step off the back of the boat onto the transome to get far enough behind the fish to give it the “sneak attack”. They lifted the net into the boat and as soon as Effie saw the fish on the boat she was in shock. They did not want this fish to die. She sat on the bow near the live well adding ice water, trying to keep the fish alive, not just for the extra points, but because she really wanted to make sure that it made it back into the lake. Between the water in the live bag and the fish itself, Effie made Jeremy carry it to the weigh station. Even the guy at the weigh station was impressed. He said, “You just broke the LCI record!” At first, Effie didn’t realize just how big of an accomplishment that was. She just wanted the fish back in the live tank until all the necessary paperwork was taken care of and all photos were taken that needed to be. The fish got it’s moment of fame and made it safely back into the water to be caught again.


Effie didn’t want to go to sleep that night because she was afraid she would wake up and it would have just been a dream. “The coolest part for me is that I broke a record and the fish made it back into the water alive,” Effie commented. “I cannot thank Jeremy and his boys enough for such a team effort to ensure this beauty made it to the weigh station.”


So here are the stats that everybody is waiting for:


Was caught just north of Basin Harbor in Lake Champlain at approx 10:15-10:30am (official weigh in slip says 10:35am)


Rod: Eagleclaw 7′6″ trolling down rigger, ML


Reel: Cabela’s Depth Master 30


Honeybee Special (black, gold, white)


Depth: 22 feet


Lure was running about 55 feet behind the boat


Surface temp: 66 degrees


Official Length: 30 inches


Official weight: 11.42 lbs


Effie said afterwards, “I’ve said many times that I would love to catch a fish that put up a fight and took longer then a minute to get into the boat! Man did this one ever do that!”


She won four trophies:


1. Largest Salmon


2. Cold water super bonus


3. Lady of the Lake (woman that weighed in the largest fish in the cold water category)


4. LCI Record breaking salmon


Effie had won, $9,600 cash and a spa package for two. Not too shabby for a day of fishing!

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