Just One Day

Monday, October 8, 2012

JOD Group 

Just One Day is a non-profit organization which helps retuning soldiers transition back into civilian life. Since 2010 the group has held over 20 events taking the Wounded Transition Battalion fishing all over the state of Colorado. Eagle Claw is proud to support the Just One Day organization and all military personnel.


The latest event was held in beautiful Keystone, CO. A van drove up from Fort Carson with 10 wounded soldiers. The soldiers and the volunteers all met up at Summit Fly Shop located on the Plaza of Keystone Lake. Chip Rogers, the owner, supplied the soldiers with fly rods and flies. “As an American, I feel it is my duty to help support these guys. I am honored to take time out of my day for the time they served us.” Chip Rogers expressed his feelings on the event.


Once the line hit the water the smiles started to grow. All of the soldiers had hooked into fish within the first 30 minutes. Marty Riddle and Lance Lynch represented Eagle Claw and assisted in tying knots, netting fish, and taking pictures of the grinning soldiers.


After an amazing morning of hooking into huge rainbow trout we stopped for lunch at Pizza on the Plaza. This gave the soldiers a break from fishing and the first time to talk about some of fish that were caught in the morning. As the soldiers ate we held a drawing for various prizes including Eagle Claw rods and guided fishing trips.


The soldiers were so grateful that an organization would take the time and give them a day away from work. Each of them took a slightly different interpretation of what Just One Day means to them. Here are a few quotes from the soldiers:


“It really relieves stress. I have PTSD and it gives me time to get out of the house. All of these guys have the same problems, and fishing really helps” – Jesse Neely

"This is a great opportunity to meet new people. It help us open up and be comfortable talking about the hard things. This event allows me to focus on the good times.” – Mike Contreras

 “This event helps us build strong bonds with each other. It gives us a day that we will be taking about for months.” Staff Sergeant Troy  Patterson.

Line of Fishermen

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