Ice season is off to a great start

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

St. Paul Ice Show.....Eagle Claw "Bucketmania" 2012 

The St. Paul Ice show is considered by some to be the Super Bowl of Ice Fishing for consumers.  Everything from ice jigs, land to ice ATV's, 4 room ice fishing castles and everything in between is for sale for three days in the St. Paul convention center. 

 As word spread from the Friday give away in the Eagle Claw booth, the consumers and the show committee knew they had their hands full the rest of the weekend.  Eagle Claw gave away free "ice buckets" with our logo on them to the first 300 people that came by the booth on Friday.  The mad dash was on throughout the building and at one point the crowd got so big around the EC booth that the fire marshall had to shut down the entire building to disperse the crowd.

 Our highlight of the event was having Tony Roach in our booth for most of the show meeting anglers, introducing them to his line and talking ice fishing.  We featured his new signature series rods, reels and combos.  Three different retailers were selling these combos and we were giving away rods and Eagle Claw Ice Team beanies for those that made purchases.  We also showed and some exhibitors had a few select "in-line" ice reels to sell at the show.  They sold out in 30 minutes.   I wish we would've had 500 - I think we could've sold all of them....They were easily the most talked about item at the show.

 We also showed many other pieces of our new ice fishing inventory.   Ice cleats, tip ups, jigs, buckets, other Eagle Claw ice combos and rods were well received by consumers.  It was great to "walk out on the ice" and see how massive and appealing the world of ice fishing is to everyone - especially the 1,000's of people that attended this particular show

 Tony and I personally talked to 4 guys that traveled 6 hours to attend the show for 1/2 day and drive back home.  Maybe they're brains need a little defrosting....or.....they just can't get enough of ice fishing and all the components and camaraderie that goes with it.



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