ICAST 2013: Steelhead Floats

Thursday, July 11, 2013


DENVER, COLORADO – Eagle Claw is very excited to introduce its complete product family of steelhead floats into its already expansive float program.   Float fishing is a popular technique for anglers fishing for steelhead in rivers and streams across the northern regions of the United States.  The new steelhead program by Eagle Claw offers floats in numerous styles, colors, and material choices to meet an angler’s specific needs.


The angler looking for a clear plastic steelhead float will love the FSHCLR (red and clear) and FSHCLRY (red/yellow and clear) product families.  The floats come in four different sizes (depending on the product family) with a weight rating on each size float allowing anglers to select the correct float based on the rig they are fishing.  They can support a total weight of 1/8oz., 9/64oz., 1/4oz., and 5/16oz.  Both the FSHCLR and FSHCLRY have two floats per retail, include 4 rubber keepers, and MSRP for $3.20. 


These steelhead floats are also offered in assortment packs, FSHCLRASST (3 floats per retail) and FSHCLRYASST (4 floats per retail).  The FSHCLRASST comes in sizes 1/8oz., 9/64oz., and 1/4oz. and MSRP for $4.00 each. The FSHCLRYASST contains sizes 1/8oz., 9/64oz., 1/4oz, and 5/16oz. and MSRP for $4.00 as well.


The FSHGO is the balsa style in the new steelhead float family of products. This float has a hollow tube and comes with four rubber keepers that allow the angler to use it as a slip or fixed float. The FSHGO is available in a green and orange color combination and with three sizes that support a total weight up to 7/32oz., 9/32oz., and 25/64oz.  These floats have one float per retail and MSRP for $3.20.


The final addition to the steelhead float family is the FSHBO floats that are perfect for drift and float fishing.  These orange and black with clear stem floats are available in three different sizes; 1.1” diameter x 4.5” stem, 0.98” diameter x 3.4” stem, and 0.8” diameter x 3.5” stem and include two pieces per retail.  Each retail pack also comes with four rubber keepers and MSRP is $3.20  An assortment pack FSHBOASST is also offered and contains three different sized floats; 1.1” diameter x 4.5” stem, 0.98” diameter x 3.4” stem, and 0.8” diameter x 3.5” stem and MSRP for $4.00.

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