ICAST 2013: Lead Alternative Bass and Football Jigs

Wednesday, July 10, 2013



DENVER, COLORADO – Lazer Sharp is proud to be the industry leader in the development of quality, lead alternative products.  As part of the company’s, Fish Green initiative, Lazer Sharp continues to research new raw materials that will help keep our beautiful waters clean and our fish healthy.  Lazer Sharp continues to expand its already robust lead alternative family of products by adding two new Lazer Sharp Tin jigs: Tin Bass Jigs (NLBSJ) and Tin Football Jigs (NLFTJ).

The new Tin Bass Jigs (NLBSJ) are molded to Lazer Sharp’s Platinum Black L786BP hook and come in three different sizes, 1/2oz., 3/8oz, and 1/4oz.  The NLBSJ, available in four colors (white, green pumpkin, black/red, and black/blue) with colored vinyl skirts detailed in iridescent specs, that make them dazzle and shine.  They are sold one jig per retail and MSRP for $3.49 each.

Lazer Sharp’s Tin Football Jigs (NLFTJ) come in three sizes, 1/4oz., 1/8oz., and 3/16oz., and are molded to the ultra-sharp L786BP Platinum Black hook.  The NLFTJs are finished with a shiny, jet black paint and placed carefully in individualized compartments to be showcased at retail.  Current MSRP is $3.49 with 3 per pack.



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