Miami Fishing Report, Capt. Dean Panos, 9/10/12

Sept 10th, 2012

Last week the charter business slowed down a bit as it usually does after Labor Day.  I took advantage of the down time and cleaned, rebuilt and put new Sufix 832 on all my electric kite reels.  I also rebuilt all my spinning reels and basically got everything ready for what I hope is a great sailfish season which is right around the corner.

Susanville man lands giant Alaska halibut



GUSTAVUS, Alaska - A Northern California man caught what may be the biggest halibut landed so far this year in all of Alaska during a trip to the Glacier Bay area in mid July.

John Schaap of Susanville reeled in a giant 88-inch, 380-pound halibut July 14 while fishing with Capt. Andy Martin out of Alaskan Anglers Inn in Gustavus, Alaska.

Eagle Claw gets ready for ICAST

The Eagle Claw team is busy in Orlando, FL getting ready for ICAST

ec flag

bob n al

Bob and Al set up Eagle Claw Rods

al with boxes

Al carring more boxes of rods to set up.

alot more

We have alot more to go

Miami Fishing Report, Capt. Dean Panos. 7/4/12

yel fin
In the past three weeks, I did a trip to Bimini, half a dozen trips on the edge, and a couple of mahi trips in the Gulfstream.

Do you know this man?


Paul Mount original

Believe it or Not! The man on the famous Eagle Claw snelled hook package is a real person long associated with the Wright & McGill Co.

Eagle Claw

A Satisfied Customer

On Friday August 12, 2011, my son (Mike Fry, 14 years old), my husband, and I went fishing on the Ohio River Bank near Dilles Bottom Ohio. My husband left one pole to re-bait another. My son yelled “Dad! You have a bite!” My husband told him to grab it, and reel it in. My son picked up the pole, which was strung with 8 lb test Eagle Claw line, set the hook, and thought he got a snag. My husband took the pole. It wasn’t a snag. He had hooked a fish, and the fish started running the drag. He handed the pole back to my son. After a grueling battle, he landed a 37″ 23# Channel Catfish.

Eagle Claw


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