Ice season is off to a great start

St. Paul Ice Show.....Eagle Claw "Bucketmania" 2012 

The St. Paul Ice show is considered by some to be the Super Bowl of Ice Fishing for consumers.  Everything from ice jigs, land to ice ATV's, 4 room ice fishing castles and everything in between is for sale for three days in the St. Paul convention center. 

Big Changes to the Columbia River

Commission approves new rules for Columbia River fisheries PORTLAND, Ore.

Faith, Hope and Friendship—Glenn’s Story

Glenn & Ron worked together for years each left to go different ways and Ron became a consultant to Glenn.  Glenn eventually became a client.  They went fishing together.  They did normal things that “Guys” do—both married.

Ron’s wife got cancer and through treatment, beat the dreaded disease.  She eventually died accidentally, but this is Glenn’s Story.Ron & Glenn continued fishing locally and even to Branson for various outings.

Just One Day

JOD Group 

Just One Day is a non-profit organization which helps retuning soldiers transition back into civilian life. Since 2010 the group has held over 20 events taking the Wounded Transition Battalion fishing all over the state of Colorado. Eagle Claw is proud to support the Just One Day organization and all military personnel.


Miami Fishing Report, Capt. Dean Panos, 9/10/12

Sept 10th, 2012

Last week the charter business slowed down a bit as it usually does after Labor Day.  I took advantage of the down time and cleaned, rebuilt and put new Sufix 832 on all my electric kite reels.  I also rebuilt all my spinning reels and basically got everything ready for what I hope is a great sailfish season which is right around the corner.


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