ICAST 2013: Lazer Sharp Unveils Unreal Finish with Superior Corrosion Resistance

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Lazer Sharp Unveils Unreal Finish with Superior Corrosion Resistance


DENVER, COLORADO – Check these hooks out!  The newest circle hooks from Lazer Sharp are here and they are…..well……truly stunning, head turning, awesome, unique, and clearly the coolest new finish to come out on a fishhook in decades!


Dubbed as Lazer Sharp Graphix, these new circle hooks sport a Flats Blue water camo pattern that is unlike anything that has ever been done on a hook!  Akin to the Flats Blue finish on the Wright & McGill Blair Wiggins series of rods, these new Graphix circle hooks are the most eye-catching hook on the market and a true first for a fishhook.


Mimicking the vast array of white & blue shades while found in the sea & sky while fishing on salt flats around the world, the Lazer Sharp Graphix hook is really an impressive piece of artwork wrapped into one of the worlds most  proven fishhook styles.  Sexy & functional in one hook!


Lazer Sharp Graphix hooks are built on one of the most durable and superior frames in the industry….a Lazer Sharp L2004EL needlepoint fishhook. The unique and proprietary finish of the Graphix series allows for the original sharpness of the Lazer Sharp needlepoint to shine through, all while wrapping the high carbon steel in a impenetrable cover that provides superior corrosion resistance and has proven to outshine almost any other saltwater finish.  In-house testing has shown the Graphix finish to rival that of our Sea Guard™ finish and stainless steel.  The proprietary process literally wraps and protects the carbon steel from the invasive forces of saltwater.


There are only a handful of items in recent memory that have truly made an impact in the hook category with a true innovation. The Graphix finish by Lazer Sharp is undoubtedly the most recent advancement in hook technology and will prove to be a pretty sharp tool that is both reliable and realistic for day-to-day use by today’s high-tech angler.


Offered in retail packs with 5 hooks per pack, the Lazer Sharp Graphix circle hooks (LGFB-6/0, -7/0, -8/0, -9/0) will be available at MSRP for $6.99 per pack.


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