The Holy Carp

Monday, August 15, 2011
Eagle Claw

My friend Chris and I decided that we would go fishing for perch on Edgemere road. We had caught 20 perch before it began to rain.  As we were packing up I noticed that my light action rod was being dragged into the water. I ran over and picked the rod up, set the hook, and felt what I thought was a whale.  It took a grueling 45min to real in this mud puppy! I was forced to run up and down the road to avoid running out of line or snapping the 4lb test. When I finally landed the monster it felt like a cylinder block. It ended up weighting 53.4lbs.  Thanks to Eagle Claw hooks I was able to catch this giant carp. I can finally say that  my Rocheser outdoors club finally got popular! – Bobby


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