Fishing Report Captain Mike Ellis Venice Offshore 2/8 - 2/9

Thursday, February 21, 2013

With hunting season over its time to buckle down and go back to work. With weather issues these are the only trips I have been able to get out. It’s the age old struggle you have trips when it’s blowing a gale and nothing when it’s pretty. That just increases the desire to kill some fish.

I had an awesome group of guys come in from Katty Texas for a day of catching and not much fishing. They managed to hit it just right this day. The day started in typical winter conditions. There was a fog that was much lighter than I expected. When we pushed off we were actualy able to see both banks of the river. Of course that only lasted a few miles. What a letdown that was it went from a relaxed run down the river to a turn the stereo off and white knuckle it for the remainder of the river portion. Well that never happened it just kept getting worse we ended up having to troll for wahoo with the radar. Its kind of erie when you can hear the rig but not see it. Then all of a sudden there it is popping out of the fog. But the fish took my mind of the foggy conditions. The first pass yielded a triple header one escaped to fight another day and a blackfin and a small yellowfin came aboard for a trip back to Texas. This is where it gets good while fighting those two fish I looked at the sounder and it was jammed up with fish. I only know the rig is to the north of me but with fish under the boat who cares. I put the lures back out and we couldn’t get more than twenty yards of so before we had another blackfin on or small yellow. Not my totally intended target but still good fish. Finaly we got the bite we needed and the line was rapidly leaving the reel. Scott was on the reel and was not totally prepared for it or either the extra crown drinks from the night before was having a slowing effect. After a good effort the rod was passed and Dustin was able to bring a 81lb wahoo to the boat. Now things are looking up. A few more passes over the fish and a few more blackfin and a triple on good yellowfin with only a 60 pound or so fish landed. Then daddy wahoo bit and it was on this time Scott put it to him. And shortly he was on ice I thought he would break 90 but we weighed in at 86. After that it just died completely. Now other boats have joined in and the bite is just dead. So I bartered for some livebait from a buddy as I thought it was best to not waste time with it in the morning and go to get in on the early bite. Turned out it was a good gamble. So now with actual fishing happening and no catching I made a move about two miles away and went to work on the AJ’s they were very cooperative and in short order we were done with that. With everyone pretty much beat down after the AJ’s we called it a day and took it to the barn.

My clients for the next two days were on the dock when I got in and they saw the catch and was pumped up for the following day. But the next two days turned out to not be so great. Well the first day at least we got off the dock and fished in some tough conditions for only a few small yellowfin and a few blackfin. We did pick up a couple of Aj’s while chunking but they were not on the request list for the day. There were not any pictures from the 9th as it was a grind all day and with the tough fishing there was no time for glamour shots. It was a three boat trip and everyone had good fish from the day before so we all headed to different spots to hopefully have a repeat. Well as luck would have it our best layed plans crapped out and we all ended up at the Lump chunking. I think between three boats we had 6 yellowfin and a dozen blacks and a couple of Aj’s. It was a tough day and the call was for yellowfin or bust so it wasn’t really a bust but not far from it. After the fish were cleaned and a few cocktails and our wounds licked from the rough weather and fishing. We decided to call the second day off. The forcast didn’t look good at all. The following morning the sustained 26kt wind told us we made the right call. So with that I loaded the boat on the trailer and went home to enjoy a soggy Mardi Gras. But that is a entirely different story. And yes that one has plenty of pictures. Until next time catch’em up

Capt. Mike Ellis

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