Fish Report - February 2013 - Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

Monday, March 18, 2013

We have had a good February's worth of fishing in Guatemala on 'Decisive' with many happy anglers and some extremely consistent sail fishing. Most of our time was spent teasing fish in for the fly in beautiful blue water some 10 - 20 miles from the port. Capt. Brad was awarded The Billfish Foundations, Release Captain of the Year Award and the Pacific Sailfish Release Award at the Annual TBF Awards held at the Miami Boat Show in Feburary. This is the 11th year straight that Brad has won this prestigious award. On the 2nd of February Brad released his 25,000th career Billfish, a monumental milestone with over 23,000 of these fish having been released in Guatemala over the past 13 years along with his longtime mate Kennedy Hernandez working the deck, there is no other team like it out there and the much deserved congratulations have been rolling in from all quarters for this outstanding accomplishment!!! So as you can see it's been a busy month.   The month started with Todd Gillespie, Karl Zierfuss and Gerry Inglesby of Chestertown MD, releasing 18 sailfish from 21 bites on the 1st of February. They released 18 from 25 the following day and 13 from 18 their final day, for an action packed trip.   Mike Coe and his son Andy joined us on the 4th for 3 days of flyfishing. The fish proved a little finicky but the duo had a great trip releasing a few fish each day on the long wand.   The 11th to 14th saw us fishing with Mike Levitt and friends of Maryland releasing a total of 40 sails and some nice dorado.   Jim Owens, John Owens, Charles Bottcher, John Duckworth, fished with us the 15th releasing 14 from 15 sailfish, with 6 releases the next day and 5 the following.   The 18th saw our Port Aransas friend Bobby Richter and sons, Bryan and Matt with us fishing the fly and boat combo releasing 2 on fly and 3 on bait, with 2 on bait the next day. Things picked up the following day with 17 releases on bait and 1 on fly and then 7 on boat and 3 on fly the next day.   Curtis Thorpe, Scott Parker, Kevin Harmon, and Harvey Steinhagen III all of TX, joined us to fish the fly, releasing 2 on fly and 7 on bait the 22nd. The 23rd they released 4 on fly and 5 on bait and 2 on fly and 10 on bait the next day.   The 25th to 28th saw Vick Tedesco and Bob Korose join us to fish the fly. The friends started off their first day mixing it up, releasing 11 on boat and 1 on fly. The next day they went to fly only releasing a total of 10 sails on fly over the next three days.   National Geographic's, Sam Fredrick's, joined us for 10 days over this period to put Crittercams on sails, and some of the footage we were able to get was truly groundbreaking. It really is always very interesting to work with pioneers like Sam and learn from their experiences and findings and help with the research into billfish. One particular female sailfish was filmed with 3 other sailfish partaking in mating rituals within 30 minutes of release......proof that circle hooks and suitably quick fighting times go a long way to healthy releases.   We have a busy March ahead of us and it's expected that we'll see another big bite in the next month or two. We have open dates in April and May we are keen to fill and from what we are seeing it will more than likely prove to be a very good time to get down here to enjoy some of the best billfishing there is to be had anywhere. In the old days of Fins n' Feathers we used to give father and son discounts in May, we would again like to offer this special over the next two months to any father or mother wanting to bring down their son or daughter. The adult pays for their lodging and the son or daughter stays free! Please inquire with us for full details, it'll be a very special fishing experience, that's a guarantee!!!   Until next report, tight lines, circle hooks and healthy releases.   Capt. Brad Philipps''Decisive''
Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures

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