Father's Day Gift Guide

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who wouldn't want the best assortment of hooks in the world? The TroKar Elite Kit is the perfect kit for any Father. Each TroKar Elite Kit includes (5 hooks each): TK100-3/0; TK110-4/0 & 5/0; TK120-4/0 & 5/0; TK130-5/0 & 6/0; TK140-5/0 & 6/0; TK150-1/0 . BUY HERE

Every Father could use the Lazer Multi-Tool. This is a great tool that can easily be stored in a tacklebox or in the car. The Lazer Multi-Tool inclides pliers, flash light, knife, saw, screwdriver, and can opener, BUY HERE

Introduced in 1960, the Trailmaster rod has been a go-to for the traveling angler ever since. Each rod comes with a travel case that if perfect to pack away on a hike into a high mountain lake or stream. BUY HERE

Skeet Reese is one of the most recognized pros on the Bassmaster Elite tour. A Skeet Reese rod or two would make a great addition to any rod collection.      BUY HERE

The Lazer Carolina Rig Kit would alllow your dad to make his how Carolina Kits on the water. What dad doesn't like hands on activites. BUY HERE

Tony Roach is one of the best walleye anglers in the world. He helped us create some of the best walleye rods in the world. BUY HERE

For all of your Dad's saltwater needs pick up a Blair Wiggins Flats Blue Rod. BUY HERE

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