Faith, Hope and Friendship—Glenn’s Story

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Glenn & Ron worked together for years each left to go different ways and Ron became a consultant to Glenn.  Glenn eventually became a client.  They went fishing together.  They did normal things that “Guys” do—both married.

Ron’s wife got cancer and through treatment, beat the dreaded disease.  She eventually died accidentally, but this is Glenn’s Story.Ron & Glenn continued fishing locally and even to Branson for various outings.

Years passed and Glenn eventually got cancer.  Ron consulted with Glenn in business and retirement and became a trusted advisor and friend. Glenn remembered what Ron & his wife went through and trusted his advice even on cancer.  What worked, what didn’t, how to cope were concerns for Glenn.Glenn’s cancer was going along pretty good then took a turn for the worse.He was undergoing Radiation, Chemotherapy and needed a final operation to clear everything.

Things kept getting worse.  Glenn was admitted to the Hospital and kept getting worse.  He was admitted to intensive care and nothing seemed to be working.Glenn, eventually seemed to lose Hope and “Gave Up”.  He was dieing. Family only admitted in the room, several Doctors told the family that he is not going to last too much longer.  Glenn is a Christian and church officials came for a final visit—he is essence had his last rights.

 What could I do?  I had to visit.  I had to express concern.  I went out and bought a new Fishing Rod & Reel to take to Glenn in the Hospital.  With Rod & Reel in hand, I came to the room—I was told family only—I said, I’d only take a moment.Glenn was in the bed with tubes all over his body, no color in his skin, and looked as if it were his final time in life.

His wife, son & daughter, a doctor were in the room when I entered.  They all knew me and I said I’ll only take a moment.  I told Glenn My thoughts and prayers are with you and I brought this Rod & Reel to tell you to get better and to say when you’re ready, I’ll be ready to go.  We’ve got a lot of fishing yet to do.  I hung the Rod & Reel on his bed, told him my thoughts and prayers are with you, I really want you to get better---and I left.

 Most everyone was stunned, but Glenn started to respond.  He smiled, reached for the Rod & Reel.  Over the next 2-3 days there was a remarkable improvement in Glenn.  He had to explain to each Doctor, Nurse, and visitor what this was and what he was going to do with it.  Within 7 days he was strong enough for the Operation.  3 weeks later he was released to go home.  Glenn, his wife, son, & daughter, say that I saved his life.  The hospital staff says that Glenn had a remarkable turnaround and couldn’t explain how or what happened.

What I did was to give Glenn some Hope and something yet to do.  It’s not over yet.His faith was somewhat restored and this bit of friendship seemed to really help.It was miracle like---it just happened.

 Glenn is healthy and living a good life in retirement.  He works out and still goes fishing.  He became very active in his church –helping people.  Today, Glenn will tell you that he had a vision and it was all going to get better and for him not to worry.

 We all have these stories to tell and we can learn from each other.  The church helps us in times of need but it is up to us to help our friends, family and those in need.

Ron Rutkowski---St Joseph Parish

Glenn Roberts is a Lutheran living in Overland Park—Friends & Fishermen



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