Eagle Claw Involved in “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing” Event

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Eagle Claw

Here is a story sent to us from a “newbie” in the fishing world. She is now a dedicated Eagle Claw user and fan. Here’s what Delores Belanger had to say:

“I attended a ladies fishing seminar in Stuart, Florida a few weekends ago called “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing”.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it or not, but it’s a weekend seminar to help us ladies become more comfortable with the sport of fishing by teaching us the simple basics.  Someone by the name of Sam Hudson was there on behalf of Eagle Claw and set up a station to teach us how to rig live shrimp on a circle hook.  He also gave us some handouts to help us learn the difference between hook sizes and shapes and in-line vs. off-set.  And finally, he gave us all a pack of different sized circle hooks to put in our tackle boxes.  I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell you ‘Thank-You’ for supplying us with someone willing to help us and for the hooks to get us started.  It was really an awesome experience and I hope Eagle Claw continues to be a part of it.”


Eagle Claw continues to remain dedicated to teaching and helping people around the nation become more involved and interested in the sport of fishing. Whether it be salt water inshore fishing, trout fishing in the rivers of Colorado, or off-shore marlin fishing, Eagle Claw wants to be involved.
Thank you to Delores and all of the rest of our faithful users and fans out there!


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