Do you know this man?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013




Believe it or Not! The man on the famous Eagle Claw snelled hook package is a real person long associated with the Wright & McGill Co.

Paul Mount joined the company in 1938 only 13 years after its creation. Paul was an excellent fisherman, so one of his primary responsibilities was to take people fishing (great work if you can get it!) In 1946, the famous actor, Dennis Morgan, came to Denver to visit his good friend Mrs. Wright. Paul was asked to arrange a fishing trip for the actor along with Mr. Wright and Mr. McGill.

 “The Picture” was taken alongside the Colorado River while on his trip. The hat is founder Drew McGill’s, the fish are the day’s catch and the stringer was the butt section of an Eagle Claw Granger fly rod. Back in 1942, the rod sold for $100; a lot of money back then. Using an expensive rod to string fish became a source of kidding for Paul and one of the fondest memories of the Eagle Claw founder. Drew McGill told him “You’re not very particular about what you use to string fish, are you?”

 Paul’s likeness is arguably the most duplicated personal photograph on a consumer product ever, with millions sold since that eventful day in 1946. The look has evolved only slightly in nearly 70 years of use. Because of that many of today’s anglers have very vivid and happy memories of learning to fish using the package of hooks with “the man holding the fish” or “the man with the funny hat”. Those memories translate to a powerful sense of brand loyalty for the most important product in the Eagle Claw line.

Paul Mount passed away several years ago, but there are still friends and co-workers in the fishing industry and the Eagle Claw office that have fond memories of Paul, Eagle Claw’s most famous fisherman. 

Paul’s legacy still continues on within Eagle Claw as Paul’s two sons both work for the company. In fact, in recent years, the third generation of the Mount family has started working for Eagle Claw as a salesman in the Pacific Northwest.

 Everyone at Eagle Claw has a great fondness for the “man holding the fish” who has contributed so much to the Eagle Claw tradition as the World’s Only American Made Fishhook™.

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