Costa Rica Dreams

Thursday, March 28, 2013



There I was day five of sitting on a boat yet to get my hands on the rod and reel to fight a mighty Sail Fish.  The past 4 days were beginning to wear on me with no action in the blistering sun. We set out yet once more in hopes of big fish, but on a different boat! We chose the “Frenzy” a plush ride at that, she is a 2011 42’ Maverick. It was in pristine condition, the gear was new and untarnished with a buffet of 7/O Lazer Sharp circle hooks dangling from each line. My spirits began to lift as we headed out into the mighty blue water and I watched the crew start rigging the gear for our adventure. After about an hour run off the shore of Quepos, CR we came to our spot and started dropping lines, just as the last rod was set out there went the sound of line being stripped from the reel!! I was up, this one was all mine, so I sprang to the deck ready to take the rod.  As I held on while my line was whizzing farther out I got belted up and began my battle!

After many attempts at getting my fish to respect me, my arms began to tire, my back ached, and I was glistening from the heat of the sun. Sweat and sunblock were burning my eyes. It was the battle I had patiently been awaiting. I had yet to see the beautiful fish at the end of my line, but after 20 minutes of back and forth with my fish, he finally surfaced. To my surprise it was a huge bull Dorado! Bigger then I had ever seen. As my adrenalin began to pump again, I forgot any pain I might have had and reeled and reeled until I got that fish to the boat. I watched in awe at his beautiful colors changing before my eyes I was memorized at his size and beauty.

We finally got a leader touch and I reeled as we prepared to harvest the magnificent fish, Marcos plunged the gaff into the water, up came my trophy Dorado and into the fish box he went. I shouted out what felt like a war cry and went to examine my catch of a life time. My arms and back not even a concern. He fed our crew, our party, and our driver’s family. I was able to end the trip that day with my Sail but the Dorado was the fish of the trip for all who shared in it. I would like to say I highly recommend Eagle Claw Pro staff Jamie Walker’s boat the “Frenzy” and his crew they are hands down a first class charter.







Captain Aly Cat



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