25,000 Billfish Releases for Eagle Claw Pro-Team Captain Brad Philipps

Monday, February 4, 2013

brad philips 25,000

Eagle Claw Pro-team Capt. Brad Philipps reached a monumental career milestone RELEASING his 25,000th billfish on the 2nd of February 2013. Philipps has won the Billfish Foundation Release Captain of the Year Award for the past 11 years running and is widely recognized as the most prolific billfishing captain of all time. What makes it an even more special accomplishment is that over 23,000 of these fish have been released in Guatemala fishing with Eagle Claw Hooks, together with his longtime first mate Kennedy Hernandez in the cockpit, while first running the 'Pelagian', and for the past 8 seasons the 40ft Gamefishermen, 'Decisive', for Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures (www.guatbilladv.com). As a leader in conservation and the promotion of release ethics, Philipps uses only Eagle Claws 2004 series Circle Hooks in his baits, ensuring the healthy release of all fish. This is what Steve Cothron, owner of "Decisive" had to say about Philipps....." When you think of the traits you want to see in a person Brad shines through in every way. He's integrity and commitment to the sport together with his absolute passion for the game is why he excel's in his field. As the owner of 'Decisive' and with 10 years experience in the charter business in Texas prior, what first caught my attention was Brad’s overall care for the vessel he was running and his professional approach to every aspect. What I didn’t know is what all we could achieve as a team, together with Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp. Brad brings a wealth of knowledge to the back deck and there is nobody that can drive a boat on fish like he can. His anticipation at the wheel and smooth understanding of what the fish is about to do is widely acclaimed. It takes decades of daily commitment to achieve such a unique milestone, perhaps more so than any other in the sport. It's been a privilege to be a part of his team and see him reach this historical mark of 25,000 billfish releases."




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