Broken Record - Capt. Dean Panos

Sorry for the long delay between reports, but I have actually fished every single day since my last report and finally got a day off today due to a cancellation. It sounds like a broken record this year, but the fishing has really been up and down. We will have one week were the fishing is good with quite a few sailfish, some big mahis and kings followed by some days of slow fishing. That is mostly due to the conditions such as current, water clarity and wind. The good news is that even when the conditions are not quite right, we have managed to catch some fish.

Slowly Switching Gears - Captain Dean Panos



For the past few months, the main emphasis has been on daytime swordfishing, and in the past two weeks we have done a few of those trips. As we are now in November and we are starting to approach winter, sailfish season is upon us and we are starting to do more and more sailfish trips.

Captain Dean Panos

Morning Coffee

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Warming up with a cup of joe.

Lance Lynch

Do you know this man?




Believe it or Not! The man on the famous Eagle Claw snelled hook package is a real person long associated with the Wright & McGill Co.

Fishing New Places


Do you ever find yourself going back to the same fishing spot over and over again? Sometime I feel it’s hard to break away from the tried-and-true fishing areas. But,  when you do, it can really pay off. This past weekend I decided to try a new area that I have never fished before. After some time struggling to figure out how to catch the fish, I ended up having one of my best days on the water.


Lance Lynch






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